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Animal Murals that Seem to Leap Off the Wall http://bit.ly/1kMn4dP

Jul 21, 2014

CLOCKONE http://bit.ly/1lceq8c

Jul 18, 2014


You can rise up to the top
But even there you have to stop

Stop and pause and see
That the air below is free

A gift beneath your wings
Not found in selfish things

Not something that you’ve made
But something you’ve betrayed

Unless you’re giving thanks
To the thing that gave you lift

You’re only really floating
Never owning your own gift

Jul 18, 2014


Calvin and Hobbes

Jul 18, 2014


Alice Cheked - Two Birds

tumblr: cheked

Jul 18, 2014

Insanely detailed hand-cut illustrations on rice paper http://bit.ly/1yB2Tb0

Jul 18, 2014

Billboards are constructed around actual passed out drunks to combat alcoholism http://bit.ly/1n7EEOO

Jul 15, 2014

Picture of the Day: Coney Island in Color, circa 1905 http://bit.ly/1rmKA5U

Jul 14, 2014

Minnesota mom reinvents the slide. How did no one think of this before? BRILLIANT! http://bit.ly/1jJAGvp

Jul 14, 2014