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The Story by Mobstr

This put a smile on my face. Continuing on from Mobstr’s "Playing With The Buff Man" series, The Story tells the tale of the on going dance between the artist and the so called “Buff Man” as they both fight for control over the wall.

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Apr 15, 2014


New Illustrations in the Sky Between Buildings by Thomas Lamadieu

Apr 14, 2014



Working interactive tabletop display prototype projects onto mist, allowing to ‘reach into’ the display space and manipulate 3D content with gestures - video embedded below:

MisTable is a tabletop system that combines a conventional horizontal interactive surface with personal screens between the user and the tabletop surface. These personal screens, built using fog, are both see-through and reach-through. Being see-through provides direct line of sight of the personal screen and the elements behind it on the tabletop. Being reach-through allows the user to switch from interacting with the personal screen to reaching through it to interact with the tabletop or the space above it. The personal screen allows a range of customisations and novel interactions such as presenting 2D personal contents on the screen, 3D contents above the tabletop or augmenting and relighting tangible objects differently for each user. Besides, having a personal screen for each user allows us to customise the view of each of them according to their identity or preferences. Finally, the personal screens preserve all well-established tabletop interaction techniques like touch and tangible interactions. We explore the challenges in building such a reach-through system through a proof-of-concept implementation and discuss the possibilities afforded by the system. 

More at Bristol Interactive and Graphics here

Apr 14, 2014


Wild Concrete Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

"Wild Concrete is a photographic series focusing on a very singular phenomenon happening in Hong Kong. Usually wherever human beings are thriving, they always try to keep in control of their direct environment. But in this bustling city, trees can grow impressively on residential buildings. They are the proof that our control is not ever-lasting and they show us how this very loss of control can bring true beauty. Wild Concrete is about nature taking back, it is a demonstration of the tenacity of life in our urban environment."

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Apr 14, 2014


Very clever piece, “Before and After” by the awesome Nemo’s from Italy. Click here (http://globalstreetart.com/nemos) to see what happens next… 

Apr 12, 2014


Type Twister

this is the work of Jorge Lawerta, illustrator and typographer from Valencia, Spain. The versatile and extreme creative designer is a specialist when it comes to handmade typography. His posters and artworks are directly translated from mind to hand. His illustrational skill give him more power to make the artwork look more awesome. Enjoy it!

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Apr 12, 2014


The End of Genius

Short 3D animated abstract experimental film by students Chris Ioannou & Andreas Platis - video embedded below:

This film is an animation we have started, in order to experiment on cinematography, using models we have previously produced during our studies in architecture.
We didn’t have an overall scenario to begin with but rather we have treated every scene separately in a linear
way producing a succession of abstract actions leading to a chaotic subconscious narration.

More Here

Apr 12, 2014



Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione has somehow managed to make an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy even creepier with his paintings of shadows

Be sure to check out Unknown Editors on Tumblr & Facebook.

I read “Parma” as “Pharma” and it got even more creepy

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Apr 12, 2014